Monday optimism


Trying to stay optimistic today! For starters, it’s raining. I’m not a big fan of the rain, but I’m really grateful we are getting some. Maybe it won’t end the drought, but it certainly isn’t going to hurt.

I haven’t heard back from either job, but I also haven’t been rejected. So, still in limbo. However, I’m trying to make the best of limbo, and be prepared for any outcome. I’m looking at an apartment here in the city tomorrow that I think would be a good place to live for a little while if I need to. I figure I shouldn’t just assume anything.

And my friend keeps telling me to come stay with her for a while if/when I do get offered a job. Her house is way too far away for that to be feasible for more than a day or two, but it’s really sweet of her to offer 🙂 I’ve also found a couple of short-term places that might work in a pinch if I needed one.

Ok, universe, I trust you. Good things are a-brewin’. I know it.

My plan after work:

  • Pick up moving boxes/supplies
  • Grocery shopping
  • Yoga
  • Pack all my books
  • Skype/green juice (instead of wine!) date with a friend



you are here


Good morning, 2016! You are going to be a great year full of positive change.

Looking back on 2015 as the year came to a close, I found myself feeling overwhelmingly stagnant. I did not feel like I made any progress in life at all. This isn’t exactly true, as I did spend the bulk of the year determining what exactly is important to me and getting rid of stuff that wasn’t (including a highly toxic romantic relationship– I feel eleventy billion times better about everything after almost a year of being free of that!!), and now I feel like I am standing on solid ground and my life has a good foundation to move in a good direction.

So here I am–31, single, in my tiny studio in San Francisco. Certainly if you’d asked me 10 years ago where I saw myself at 31, this wouldn’t be it. But life is pretty good, even though (or possibly because) it hasn’t gone according to plan (if I ever did have one of those).

I decided to start this blog because I want 2016 to be different. And it already is, because I have a blog now. I want this to be a space of reflection and positive thoughts.

Some things I’d like to work on in 2016:

  • finding more happiness and feeling successful in my professional life.
  • getting better quality sleep, and more of it!
  • practicing yoga and meditating more frequently–I’m really good at doing this for a few weeks, then not doing it for a few weeks, and turning that into a cycle. I’d like to be better about consistency.
  • replacing ALL of my personal care products with less toxic versions, which at this point really just means replacing my makeup.
  • feeling more financially stable, which has been difficult in the city. Ideally I’d like to leave this city before the year is done.
  • dating. Getting back out there has been rough for sure, but I choose to believe that there is a wonderful guy out there for me.


I had had two job interviews right before Christmas that I will hopefully hear back about next week. They are both in Southern California and I’d be so happy to move back down there, and one of them is basically my dream job so I really, really hope they offer it to me. My parents would probably be sad to see me move away again, but what I do for work is really only available in larger cities, and I’ve realized that I don’t want to live in this one long-term. These two jobs are in the same city where I went to college and where I lived for a long time (and still have many friends), and thought of moving back there feels like moving home.

Whatever happens, I want to approach it with love and gratitude. Let’s have a great year, everyone!

P.S. I found that picture on Pinterest and the link didn’t go anywhere. If it is yours please let me know!! 🙂